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  1. fun fact:east cleveland only has two cops
  2. Damn PA rocks. Niser you are fucking sick. The whole NSF crew are beasts, you guys need to take a road trip down to the 216. peace.
  3. Are you in pittsburg, you should come to cleveland sometime. I'm feeling mostly all of it, good clean simples.
  4. Fix the flicks for Gods sakes, i want to see them.
  5. Where the fuck are the flicks. I want to see some fucking nasty bombing shit. blkhearts.com rocks heavily, i advise everybody to peep that shit. I crave spend handstyles, and more sym shit I'm diggin this kids heart. Springs so close, we almost out of this fucking snow globe waste land, then the true sickness can begin.
  6. By any chance are you wanks or amor. If you are you have improved drasticly, Seems like Arizer took you under his wing.
  7. No doubt about removing that shit... I'd remove it for krink, cause its thicker... But this Inferno mop I had was just a little too messy and outta hand when I removed it. Prolly keep it in for ink, test what kinda drips i can get wit it.
  8. Any One Know the exact proportions of Gentian Violet and methylane blue when addinging it tome some nero. Or does it ever matter.
  9. Trudged through the city today... Sym's defiantly up, when he gets some style down he'll defiantly sometype of monster. But when it comes down to it...Destroy With whatever you got. Straight Fucking Narsty.
  10. Big Spender Blowing it up! Fucking Nice ass ridl shit, that is one sick man. Destroy muhthafuckas, Destroy.
  11. http://www.blingtvshow.com/gotthrow1copy.jpg'> http://www.blingtvshow.com/downtown4.jpg'> http://www.blingtvshow.com/downtown5.jpg'> http://www.blingtvshow.com/downtown6.jpg'> http://www.blingtvshow.com/downtownRidles.jpg'> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid71/p878189c26f58f1342955c46c3a477ab4/fb9a829c.jpg'> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid71/p8aabe29a070914c5bd2ec8d17f4f8f93/fb9a829e.jpg'>
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