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  1. Re: Re: Some other fresh things from Hulk... this is beautiful. hulk & rush, bumpppp.
  2. Not one train in here is bad. Always been a fan of TFP.
  3. Seriously this post is a bad representation of USA graffiti. Fr8hound and EggMan post good quality American freight Trains, like Sigh and fh/Mayhem crews. There is good graffiti and bad graffiti. I Know there is good shit rolling around out there...... Like Esteme, Kick, Zephyr, Skrew and tons of others..... but for the real, this post blows. And Joe Schmo isn't to blame. This is probally all he saw on sunday. Nothing half way decent. blah blah blah.
  4. i like too see old stuff like that slej. goul, lost and wyse commin thru...
  5. one word..... Esteme. connections like a motherfucka.
  6. may i be the first to say, 90% of usa freight train graffiti is shit. you can go out all day and look for trains and find 2 good catches. the MSK flick is the only good thing in this post.
  7. hahahah decayny is definetly hanging from the pussy lips.....
  8. it makes me sad to see how much shitty graffiti is running out there...
  9. haha. hey this is me i been peicing for 1 year... http://www.fototime.com/{300BE862-80B0-4C7C-80D3-F8CC26971E98}/picture.JPG'>
  10. kaos, very good indeed. how do you say it, 'bump', for this king. vandals in motion....... no doubt.
  11. sym give me your name and address. i'll come to your front door and smack the shit out of you for asking such a stupid question.
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