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Everything posted by MuthaMolesta

  1. I like the line work better.. but that's just me
  2. looks like someones going to get a beating soon! snitches must die!
  3. now my turn for some profound advice: it sucks.. needs work.. E for effort! ha
  4. Dope Devour and those Above sketches are sick... love the experimenting that's going on.
  5. this is some really beautiful shit
  6. dope shit expel... oldies but goodies
  7. meh.. my old blackbook shit is awright... brah.. that girl is young... jailbait in 48 states! ha! oh and BTW VOTE WILLY
  8. cotton swab or blender or lighter fluid
  9. man so much dope shit... as usual I'm loving Newkon's steez. Bies is killing it too.. dayum. Soon I'll be putting up some steez myself.
  10. holy shit newkon.. I'm speechless.. you are a blackbook machine or something! ha!
  11. chee hee... Newkon be on some dope blackbook work.. welcome to the Special Victims Unit of DeCompressed 4ces... unlike others who like to think they do it we ACTUALLY make DestruCtion look good!
  12. dayum that Obaks is hella sick it made my penis hella turtle shy
  13. that King Soker Wo piece is sick! Bies too!
  14. I'm all for the up and comers however if you write a name that you find out someone already established writes then either change your name or change it up ie from Lotus to Lotuser or Lowtis or Lotus 2 or whatevers. That's what they did back in the day and I think it works just find. Plus its just a sign of common courtesy and respect. On a more simpler note.. Is it really that hard to come up with an original name? BTW there's only ONE Lotus: Lotus1 GAW
  15. goodtimes got some good stuff.. even his pre digital shit is pretty nuts.. here is one of my pre digital stuff:
  16. ho shit brah all you blackbook junkies stay going off in here.. shit! I need to dust off my marker set and get busy. Obake is killing it.. proud to have that homie repping it right. chee hee! Bogus's "Rewt" are hella sick... go figure he's using microsoft paint for that shit! That Melon is nuts... always suprising me with his steez. That Darkoh is nuts too... Anyways much love to all. I'll be checking in more often. payce and carrots -The Thrillah Gorillah, Ozillah! I see someone with the letters HK after their name? What's that all about?
  17. yeah thomyorke is attacking. p.s. FRISCO is the shit! LOL
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