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  1. yeayea... thatshit was fun i was drunk a lot... didnt paint the event but i was pilfering red bulls and making fun of people... revok i mean revise is a cool guy and he keeps it gully and hiphop haha..... what up to all the people down thur in bama roll tide and that shit....
  2. damn nice post... but thats the wackest bunk i ever did haha nice buicks
  3. ugh look at that ugly ass old kerse haha thats my homey tho but that shit is funky
  4. nice post come paint.....
  5. how about none of you fuckers now that those are all in the same yard or even if the flicks were taken over the course of a few weeks.. ll this talk of self promo and grilling yards is some hatin ass nonsense..... you know nothing... peace
  6.'> thanks to hulmark'>
  7. no problem bro, if you want better copies i can email i lowered the quality a bit for those two
  9. oh yea but the beef is settled i got no problem with you kid
  10. look man i dont give a fuck what your boys said they told me they thought i won when you were gone so fuck them just for being pussy...im not trying to stir up shit right now but whatever if you really and i mean really want a fair fucking battle hit up me or zew and welll figure that shit out and this time we do our pieces at the same time or an ilegal battle fuck probation everybody's got one gawwwdamn....coaltrain hit up the email not sure who you are...peas
  11. bump...old ass dizo pako rex2 jower and jeka many others nice post
  12. the fact that they paint their own wall wasnt the point, the fact that they paint it and post the flicks on here looking for a little internet fame was...
  13. nice post, i caught that coupe rolling on sunday
  14. se one when nace ewok wholecars...too many to list nice fuckin post
  15. haha self-promotion yea i know but i felt it was relevant to post the shit on the other side of those pako freights...even though it was my own shit as for being a pako fan i dunno if id call my self a fan... i just catch a lot of his freights for obvious reasons oh and shouts to him for a lot of those flicks credit was due but i forgot to post it
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