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  1. no one's saying u have to pay to see graffiti, if u want to go and find it then u can free of charge. but if u want to see lots all inside one magazine then stop being tight and go buy a magazine...thats ur choice but dont be a cunt and criticize people that have taken the time to create something for other people who will appreciate it. Dont hate, appreciate.
  2. FoRee

    London Walls

    regardless of what flex he's on, he always comes correct and that piece helps to prove that. Burn baby burn.
  3. FoRee

    London Walls

    look at the first 15 pages, they were the shit, this thread was heavy. But thank fuck we didnt get carried away, now another decent british thread has degenerated into bollox.
  4. FoRee

    London Walls

    i cant tell if this is a pun????? only some londoners would be on some bull shit like this.... if this is not a joke, there is book called "the art of getting over" most novice writers, in america atleast have looked at the pictures... what i would do i pic up a bag of skunk get some fucking beans, sausage, and eggs, and look at the fucking book. TAKE is the hardest in london anyways... "we wouldn't be here today if the old school hadn't paved the way" -tupac shakur- Quoted post It wasnt a pun of ne variety but i was being sarcastic. [/b]
  5. FoRee


    Panik. i want to borrow his spidey sense for a night, i dont understand.
  6. FoRee

    London Walls

    love it. "Reas Tdo, from day one, dont get it twisted" yeah i heard AOK is some toy crew who've only been around 5 minutes, with no history or respect at all from neone.....honest. im no vet but fuck me this forum never ceases to amaze me.
  7. does neone actually know if they dogged the seen stuff? i imagined they would have capped the aroe stuff but not the seen piece, surely not?
  8. FoRee

    On my travels

    this made me laugh. rich or poor, this is a funny post.
  9. could those jawn flicks be taken off here. would be appreciated by those involved i think.
  10. i think ive fallen in love with that one liner further up the page, babou yeah?
  11. FoRee


    this is the shit. the variation and imagination is untouchable.
  12. Bloody 'ell ...check out this months OK magazine ..20 page special with full analysis of why oker does what he does by specialists..comes with a collectors special of bagged TM sweat..don't miss out Quoted post [/b] as i said, just what i think. thankyou please.
  13. im pretty sure it is so that he is the only one with flix and so no one else can dog his piece, my mind is bringing up recollections of old new york writers doing it but names escapes me. Im not just saying that because of all this hype about him tryin to re-create new york over here, its just what i think. nicest kaso panel ive seen
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