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stephi graff

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  1. yahhooo = proper knob twat gay. piece.
  2. bumpin myself, like a dyslexic drug dealer
  3. yo sorry for gettin personal on a public board. you know we want da feedback, plannin a major action anytime soon. look out 4 da 2fresh cru.
  4. couldnt work dat one out? u sayin u wanna juk me? wot wiv da language barrier and all dat its kinda hard to know whetrher im gettin beef or luv. piece to all u heads tho.
  5. shit i go out expecting bare juicy replies, and this shit happens u best post some shit on this unbelievably live thread by tommorow mornin or ill be brewin. all da yankee heads wid da time difference do your thang. u know u feelin da 2fresh cru.
  6. safe bruv, u know da styles. im feelin dis thread, its good to give these minority groups da respect dey deserve. dey got sum of da illest writers eva. ill try link some next level tube bommin off my man 2nang next visitin day at the sevenoaks retirment village. peace.
  7. what u sayin foo. u fuckin dunno bout da styles. my cru is raw check my man nkussuuka nangrraaffffaaa http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00403447f00000018.jpg'> it takes a lot of paint to put up that kind of tag, but he's bare unique. baitin himself up wid a daytime bomb armed wid his trusty pneumatic stainer backpack. ya get meh, diss dude did a whole square mile of bushland, dem trible elders woz brewin. piece, foo.
  8. so jon doe, you feelin my shit now? you best recognise da 2 fresh cru, blamminh till well into retirement age..
  9. next pick. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00403447f00000017.jpg'> my man tyreese still manages da freshest outlines despite his arthritis and 20% vision........ who needs a bimma when u can rock a zimma.
  10. damn straight u wanna see!!!!!!!!! bitch.
  11. you feelin the handstyles king? booya is one sick brear, thas why we role wid him.
  12. zed's a knob who dont appreciate real graph. zed u pussy, why u hatin on the old masters? cant u see nang's been in the game since u were in ur mums pussy? u kno we runnin ting. more to come playa haters.....
  13. wait a sec... shit, maybe ive worked it out now...: http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00403447f00000016.jpg'> this is nangone again, man that dude is ill. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00403447f00000015.jpg'> and this should be da bad boy posse rollin on sum freshly painted stock. u kno we da kings.
  14. sorry fuck i fucked it up again. how the fuck does this shit work. sorry y'all
  15. right, lets see if this works this time, got bare hate for lack of tecnho knowledge before, but u gonna be weepin when u see da freshness illustrated here.... me and da crew ridin a freshly dubbed booya wholecar. sweet styles innit. my man nang doin sum serious yard action. cheque his crazy styles.
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