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  1. haha, dredz knows... reneggers get shitted on. for those of you that play often... a few questions that i often find are regional flavors.... sandbags? (of course) jokers? (big and little, deuce....) or no jokers- some use the diamond and hearts deuces as spades.... blind bids? (double your points if down over 100 pts) and what's your penalty for renegging? (besides severe shame if it was done intentionally?) gotta watch that board yo! reneggers abound....
  2. this strikes me as hilarious for some reason. and i agree. the combination of the bounce and "the concentration face" is a surefire winner.
  3. ^bobby, i agree fully on all frontsz. my battery is also acting a fool and providing the weinertastic function of operating only for a day. i want a quality remote more than anything. more than... words. extreme-ly bad. but then i listen to donny hathaway and shalamar and it's all good once again in the land of capitalist pigs.
  4. SHALAMAR- "friends" find yourself a copy, download, and thank me later.
  5. i've played with more than a few cats that learned the game "on vacation." but the game has universal appeal. one of the things i love is seeing the style people use in putting down cards... everybody has their own way.
  6. can you dig it?! http://www.nzmagic.com/spades.jpg'> there's nothing better than playing a good competitive game of spades with enjoyable company. add some imbibing of alcohol, some smoking of the ganja leaf, a formidable female team (in terms of their ability and easiness on the eyes), some good music and you've got yourself a motherfucker of a night without even leaving the house. extra points for shit-talking abilities and hot sex after the game. we're goin' ten for two, biatch...
  7. back when i used to live in boston, a little kid with a huge school group was at park st on the red line. he was just peering over the edge of the platform and just fell in about 20 seconds before the train came. i jumped down, threw the little shit up to my man james, and scooted right up on the platform two seconds before that alewife-bound train came in.
  8. joke1: what do you call a dog with REALLY short legs and steel balls? a: SPARKY! joke2: what do michael jackson and mcdonald's have in common? a: they both put their meat between 12 year old buns! hahahahaha
  9. i don't know what to say about the ghosts and goblins all up in your area. but i will say that i enjoy fucking "with the lights on," mostly as a function of the fact that i like fucking the most in the afternoon or morning.
  10. i hire people all the time. i frequently tell them i'll call them later. don't sweat it. (however, roughly 40% of the people to whom i tell this i don't hire- but i do call and say sorry).
  11. thanks for using that word. it was really necessary. you idiotic rumpshaker.
  12. ^ it's "threat", smart one, and we don't import guns, we make 'em right here in the good ole US of A. it's a very lucrative business.
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