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  1. Road sign Canvas http://mywebpage.netscape.com/Sallymegee/sign.jpg'>
  2. tard0

    uk wall flixs

    Who gives a fuck?
  3. Sorry but I dont see the point in trying to paint an actual peice up on a canvas, I dont think it belongs there, All tidy and small and done in your bedroom and shit,. What is the point? it just seems sucky, like your trying to prove yourself as a writer without actually writing.
  4. tard0

    SCULPTURE thread

    Check out there sites dude!
  5. mdkill, edit your post. Those pictures suck goth cock! Please!
  6. Yeah definately Dude!, I can stick your art up around Brighton if you'll do the same where you are ?
  7. http://www.chuzpe.us/graffiti/page12/images/teethy1_JPG.jpg'> http://www.chuzpe.us/graffiti/page12/images/teethy2_JPG.jpg'>
  8. Ha Ha! sweet!, one of mine!http://www.streetstickers.co.uk/images/180504_bwfacedoor.jpg'>
  9. tard0

    SCULPTURE thread

    http://www.woostercollective.com/images/revs-hope.jpg'> More Revs
  10. tard0

    SCULPTURE thread

  11. http://www.daim.org/daimcanvas3.jpg'> http://www.daim.org/daimleinw35.jpg'> DAIM
  12. tard0

    SCULPTURE thread

    http://www.finstafari.com/mcdonalds.jpg'> Finsta
  13. tard0

    SCULPTURE thread

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