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  1. http://www.myimageshack.com/data/500/45/dapper2-orgUPLOAD.jpg'>
  2. the site resized this to be so small.... :( http://www.myimageshack.com/data/500/45/El-Tw.jpg'>
  3. hey seeking should i stick to the same letter style i had in the CH i posted??
  4. that image is so poorly done
  5. shaddapa you mouth ignorant tramp :idea:
  6. Machine Gun


    check out my boy twist he got some dope songs show him sum love :cool: http://www.dirty-twist.tk/
  7. that was fast!! ill have mine up at 11 59 pm friday :D
  8. lol thanx i think kooter :P so NO chars then! me and mlt decided on teh AIM ^__^
  9. yaeh i see what youre sayin but that way if people suck at drawin the letters but got a good char it improves how the piece looks...
  10. although i think the character should be optional instead of not allowed :o BIG Battle Featuring Hongcouver MLTf4nt0m Wrath_one esp KOOTER_WON Machine Gun teh deadline - April 2
  11. hahahaha alright fantom taking charge :D
  12. lmao :lol: :lol: an I isn't much, man...
  13. i think BG would be a fresh change because it's so damn short and it would be awesome to see waht ppl would to with all the negative space :king:
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