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  1. Jive I have a ton of photo's from this time period of your work I need to get them out of storage. Half of them I took myself the other half was from Serk. He lent my friend all his negatives and we went nuts with our hook up at the CVS photo department. Hands down this was the best era.......
  2. Touch It

    Kem 5

    Wow this is really amazing!
  3. Seeing that IOF gets me so hyped and reminds me of the Connecticut dynasty.... Both you REM were a big inspiration. I'm glad to see you're still going after all these years! What's REM up too!
  4. Touch It

    Kem 5

    Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner Dirty Harry said "What is Linz Iceberg"........you are correct! Now for the Daily Double!
  5. Touch It

    Kem 5

    I agree that art school has "nothing" to do with graffiti along with what race you are or if you are rich or poor. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions whether good or bad. There are no rules too graff but a few unwritten standards.....Paint what makes you happy and it iwill show in the long run!
  6. Touch It

    Kem 5

    Full Retard with fluorescent
  7. My computer was acting up did any one post the Defective Flim Production from Fame City! That defined 90's graff for me! REM.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm dig'n this poll because dialog is good and very entertaining. Personally at this point in time I think the majority of us paint for our selves, our friends and those for who appreciate what we do. To be in our 30's and 40's and still be doing this shit while handling the mounting obstacles of life is a testament in self. Graff is a lifestyle I've chosen with nothing to prove but to myself. It comes naturally with no distinction of legal or illegal, no discernment of right or wrong. I harbor no ill will towards any that shares the same name or crew. A name is just a name but style separates us apart. 3A Crew will always remain with me, as it reminds me of the good times and the bad times. When all is said done and my life is spent, graff will have not meant shit but rather a distraction from life's problems and the end of a love affair. Only friends, and family remain.....
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