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  1. get a toyota soarer or a mazda rx7 and turbo it.
  2. infernus can be located at las venturas. if you walk around the rich area where millie (girlfriend) lives you can sometime stumble across afew of them.
  3. anyone completed the trucking or freighting missions?
  4. the motorbike school is located at blackfield, las venturas. to access it you need to complete toreno's pilot school mission to gain entry into las venturas.
  5. i think if you complete the driving school and get all gold you get a fast and good handling car. i know that if you complete the motorbike school and get all gold you get a ncr500 which is the fastest bike you can get in the game.
  6. like what? <!--QuoteBegin-El Producto@Nov 5 2004, 12:42 PM herbivore, im pressuming that by the time you complete the game your respect bar will be full (or almost)..if you had full respect from people when your only a quarter into the game it wouldnt be very exciting would it?? i could be wrong but i thought that your respect bar will be full when youve done missions for a load of other people (hence, having respect from a load of other people) i agree with you, i was just wondering how 'yoga' managed to have max respect already while being on the same mission i am. i checked my stats yesterday and i'm only 24% through the game.... i got real excited at first because i thought that meant i had only completed 24% of the missions in the game, but then i figured it probably included everything, like those fucking clams underwater and shit like that. it's still cool though.... i love games that take months to beat. is it just me or is San Fierro a lot less cool than Los Santos? i find myself not even really wanting to roam around San Fierro like i did back at Los Santos, because there just seems to be less things to do. i.e. no gang tags to go over, less rival gang members, etc..... whatever, i love this game. Quoted post [/b] i only did the first mission for zero and found it frustrating to do the one after that due to many attempts. so i skipped it and went onto the other missions. im currently on the 'verticle bird' mission which is sorta near the last mission (i think). the reason why i have max respect is because i have nearly taken over all the other turf.
  7. ^^^ got the same problem with the second mission for zero. im always out of fuel when i kill the last courier and can never reach back to base. anyone done this mission yet? what are your stats at the moment? ive maxed respect, stamina, muscle, weapon skill, and my sex appeal keeps going up and down.
  8. this mission is best attempted during day time. try looking at the circled map to see where there coming from. also try shooting them down before they reach the tower thingy, basically just shoot like crazy. ive got about 210k at the moment.
  9. yoga


    i don't have aol or aim, but ive got msn and icq....
  10. Your soul is worth £14218. For your peace of mind, 63% of people have a purer soul than you.
  11. photos taken from a good angle.. never knew melbourne had a 7eleven...hate to be owning one of those cars right now..:lol:
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