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  1. THAT NIGGAH WAS THE LIFE OF THE PARTAY....PLUS THIS PICTURE IS AWSOME. Quoted post [/b] hahahahhahahaha. that party was bangin.
  2. 8 post and like a 104 veiws...hahaha. it's all good.
  3. i was just curious on what some of you are gettin' in, in one night. some of you will prolly lie and shit but just be reasonable...when i say how many you've done i'm talkin simple/straight's or something, not little throwies on them, aight peace.
  4. that was a dope post....fuck the winter..i hate the wind and the bitch ass cold. but i still got out....haha...
  5. i gotta give it up to stoik shit is real nice.
  6. no problem dog shits are hot. saw them all around center city
  7. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00392559f00000077.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00392559f00000078.jpg'> a couple of flicks i found on my comp.
  8. yeah i know there is a philly thread, but i love the hands from around there i wanted a thread jsut for them
  9. please post philly whickeds only
  10. hahaha, hopefuly people will put some good stories on here. here is my most recent stroy. another writer and i were out bombin and i think we were going to our last spot he had lined up, we were walkin threw a field to this abonded house. everything was lookin perfect, we were thinkin' it'd be a nice ass spot. 'cause it was mad dark and it would have ran for a bit. well i got closer to the house i was walkin towards the wall and i saw a white box, and didn't notice it had a sheet over it, with that, a giant fuckin german shepard dog jumped out growling and bite my leg and and i ran from it and fortunately it was on a leash or i'd be fucked. the friend ran around the whole field and we met up on another road like 10 mins later and jsut went home. the fucked up thing was i was talkin' to him about some of the things that scared me and one the things that worried me was a big fuckin dog comin up and biting me. haha, it happens. i'm alright, just a big as bruise and a sore fucking leg.
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