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MiLe StoNe R

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  1. MiLe StoNe R

    Any online e-tailers that sell Prisma markers?

    Steal them shits!:D
  2. MiLe StoNe R

    the NEW sketch thread

    not to be an asshole but this isnt that good, try something different like a throw-up or sumthin...or like a real simple piece. .just advice.:idea:
  3. MiLe StoNe R

    the city slicker thread

    those dever's burn!
  4. MiLe StoNe R

    the city slicker thread

    bump, this page is ill.:crazy:
  5. MiLe StoNe R

    the NEW sketch thread

    This isnt too bad but ive told you before try and change up the shadow, to be specific as being my favorite, bottom and to the left and connect the letters dont space them...thats just my opinion i hope im helping and not busting down on you, but improving keep practicin...:lick:
  6. MiLe StoNe R


    damn your killin' shit and just getting better, wait a couple of months you'll be destroying this paper thread...
  7. MiLe StoNe R

    Official Battle Thread

    that looks like a cracked out BoB with big teeth, for real...get your shit together.
  8. MiLe StoNe R

    The Cope2 thread

    cope! damn man, king of bronx...ur the best of the best bombers.:king:
  9. MiLe StoNe R

    buffalo,newyork 716

    DFect stop writing, please. do us all a favor and just move, somewhere nice where u can fuck it up with your wack styles. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. MiLe StoNe R


    nuts like cashews...:king:
  11. MiLe StoNe R


    ass and titties...i love it!:eek:
  12. MiLe StoNe R

    My Works!

    gettin' better dude...work on some more straight letters.
  13. MiLe StoNe R


    damn, that last picture is fucking fresh! keep bangin.
  14. MiLe StoNe R


    damn, joome is dope:yum:
  15. MiLe StoNe R