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  1. 'Nuff said indeed. The closest we've ever seen/probably will see to Jordan is Kobe -Swamp
  2. ridl and kwest killin it with those color schemes....inspirational
  3. when...like a year ago when you did more than play video games?...actually, I do think most of the kids to come out in the past year are fucking clowns...but jesus, you are the KING of bitchy comments man...
  4. seen a bunch of glue, phame, comik in certain areas...even some ridle....sym is also killin it out there. Some dude "kesar" from the west coast has also been doing spots...point being theres a bunch of good stuff to flick.
  5. yeah seriously...you "fh nukka" better not go over any more crappy check fillins or dsm will wanna brawl...and then leave you waiting in a park drinking beer and eating hot dogs for like 6 weekends in a row .......... "we be mad sick right now...dsm has the flu...but well FUCK YOU UP next weekend kiiiiddddd"....(actual quote)
  6. CLOSE THIS THREAD...Im ashamed to share a state with 90% of you fucking internet fags..and threads like this make EVERYONE look bad...wheres the standards anymore? I remember when shit like swine avok etc. wouldve tarnished this thread for NO MORE than 5 minutes...fuck almost all of you. i hope you die slow.
  7. what does this bullshit say?...and whos next to him..."bozak"
  8. That JES is fucking dope....and so is the SCAR thats right around the corner from it...anyone got that???....more jes..
  9. Im a big fan of michael savage and I paint a good deal of trains...trains that have nothing to do with boarders, language, or culture
  10. [ UMM YA FIRST OFF IM SEKT AND IM FROM DETROIT AND IM A DUDE IM NOT THE ONE FROM JAPAN ,AND I JUST PAINT WITH RIKU SO WHATEVER GET KRUNK ON KRACK ASAP Quoted post so you only paint with toys....do you E-bomb as much as she used to before too many people complained? riku straight up queened this thread son ...word bon!
  11. please tell me thats just a horrible "R"......DESA?DESA?desA?
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