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  1. Wow, you must be a fag. Just because you're a devoted fan to figure skating doesn't mean everyone else has to be. Homo.
  2. http://www.imsa.edu/team/spi/SADVI/staff/stepien/shining.jpg'>
  3. Drinking http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~ling417/milk.jpg'> "Yeah dog, I gets mah drink on every chance I muthafuckin get!"
  4. http://www.aasportscollectibles.com/baseballphotosunframed/straw.jpg'> http://sportsmed.starwave.com/media/mlb/2000/1026/photo/a_darryl_i.jpg'> http://users.ev1.net/~hlsports/k0891.JPG'> http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/baseball/news/2002/04/29/strawberry_sentenced_ap/t1_strawberry_ap-01.jpg'> http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/baseball/mlb/news/2001/02/06/sayitaintso_mets/strawberry-all.jpg'> http://sportsmed.starwave.com/media/classic/2001/0503/photo/s_strawmet_i.jpg'> http://demo.baseview.com/dm4/temporaryimages/bp1085.jpg'> http://simpsons.metropoliglobal.c
  5. http://safetydance.worksforfood.com/~david/wafro/gneelwafro01.jpg'> "Dat nigga Stylus don't know what he be talkin bout. Dis da new hiphop, and its here ta stay. Fukk dat wack ol skool shit, nigguh!" http://www.drivenbyboredom.com/gallery/28/5.jpg'> http://www.thehomeboy.com/img/mcsneer.jpg'> http://www-vlsi.stanford.edu/~jsolomon/clan9/personnel_images/nilla_real.gif'>
  6. StephenPOwers ES pronouncing "S" sound. Oh yeah and of course SMITH from NY for writing his last name...
  7. Damn I thought you were gonna talk about something new. The idea of not writing your first name and choosing a moniker to avoid giving up obvious evidence is older than graff itself. Jeezus. :rolleyes:
  8. That's some ignorant bullshit right there. Please, make me feel like a jackass.
  9. My mixtape I'm listening to now: 1. Nigga, I'll Putta Bullet In Yo Momma - Saggin' Duke 2. Drive-By Shootin N Da Hood - Mac Trey feat. Bling Bling & Slimmy Slimmz 3. Fuck Da White Man - Black Nation Groove Theory 4. Lyrical Quantum Physics - Verbal Scientist feat. Chemistry, Brilliant Mindz, & Prophetik 5. Chalk Linez In Da Skreet - Loc Dog & Tre Deuce 6. Throw Yo Hood Up - C-Bone 7. Rape Yo Girlfriend - Rollin 60's Crips
  10. Because the hats on the laser-jet printer are combined with coloring books and far destinations. The question of the universe and Burger King equate to locks and keys. Not at all! The reason why the train ride to St. Louis was so short was due to the constant crowbars kept in the cellar during the World Series! She was able to do so by applying spandex to her rubber-bands as the school bus drove by. Normally the mailbox is excluded in the rough draft, but with time bowl-cuts will be at the forefront of fashion. Sometimes. But it depends on whether the
  11. Yo Bozack, what was the reason behind his killing? And you know anything about the Camoflauge killing in Savannah?
  12. http://www.fright.com/gonzo/art/06thank1.jpg'>
  13. http://www.eaglezen.com/images/new%20pics/roundup%20.jpg'>
  14. http://www.eaglezen.com/images/gallerypics/jpegs/caverna.jpg'>
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