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  1. thread is over 1 year old and he brings it back?:lol:
  2. like the bakerloo flick and that siren.
  3. i've had a panel run for 2 weeks.:D :D :D
  4. found these on a website so not really 'my travels' but nm... http://www.derelictlondon.com/1d421cd0.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/b6d0d8a0.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/1ee0da00.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/5d2d7260.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/c91269c0.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/c6e26880.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/c6c269c0.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/9c5269d0.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/4496a1d0.jpg'> http://www.derelictlondon.com/2c508770.jpg'> LOADS more at www.der
  5. http://www.pank.se/bilder/live_ms.jpg'> :D
  6. to the bus drivers... ITS ONLY A FUCKING BUS WINDOW. thanks.
  7. haha... she looks good from behind... whats up with the front?:D :D :crazy:
  8. usually when you say you don't like something, you say why you don't like it. just saying you dont like it is pointless.
  9. foook you... whats wrong dont you like the fact and1 has 1 of the most original styles around?
  10. nice to see a yankie thread with actual clean commuter trains in it. props.
  11. fuck these yanks who talk shit in our threads lets go wreck theirrusty fr8 threads grrrr more annoying than fucking pc poopie.:mad: :mad: :mad:
  12. i've heard this happen before but not that often. people at the development place called the pigs and wouldn't give him back his film cos one of the flicks was of a throwie on a police riot van. manz got arrested i think.
  13. http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/9511.jpg'> any advice? i think its pretty good for me.
  14. ive got some nice action shots just trying to work out how me new camera works:mad: :mad: :mad:
  15. oi boyski.. see anything else running on silverlinks through northampton???;)
  16. Re: harry haha... poor panelmaster always getting dissed for being potter boy.
  17. why would that be? it isn't in violation of the t&c.
  18. obviously my last noe got deleted so i'll ask again. whats the title of the track off XTC, where the station man is showing the cameraman off the station and some wanker gets his dick out infront of the e2e (i think its an e2e).
  19. i like them simples m8. moreeeee!!!:D :eek: :eek: :eek:
  20. and to add to that, keep out of any commuter/subway threads. your opinions dont count seeing as most of yous never come close to one. FUCK RUST!
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