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Everything posted by trainspotter

  1. sorry to go a tad off topic, but do people find that belton isn't as thick/lush as montana or am i just a spaz?
  2. what the fuck. i dont complain about the 100s of shitty fr8 thread on metal heads so why should you complain about just 1 over battle thread?
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: thanks for the warm comments. now please let me get on with this battle.
  4. derrrrr i know wankster, but i want this one to stand out. safe.
  5. nevermind i'll battle in the battle thread.
  6. i bet cops come from 'broken homes with drug addictions';)
  7. http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/49/sub-rainfall-rust.jpg'> i think this is at finsbury park station?
  8. love graff, not girls. one night standers represent!!!
  9. more than once i tell thee.:rolleyes:
  10. lestalad... you have very much made my day.
  11. haha aint anyone allowed to comment on anything these days? funny how ive never said anything of urs is good.:lol:
  12. fuck the law. if they want to be harsh on crime then fucking chop the dicks off peedos and rapiests or whatever. graffiti is minor compared to these and some of the former get it easy.
  13. fair does but 2 sketches which i done few weeks ago... doesn't really say much m8.;) may i ask what that orgie panel is about then, and why its so bollocks if he can do so much better. safe.
  14. yes yes. always liked yesb's shit.
  15. skribs you big headed cocky bastard u cant talk ur stuff ive seen is far from dope. seeing as u dont know what i write u cant say shit about me. safe.
  16. nice article. fuck the pigs and that stupid bitch in that picture.:D
  17. lol how can anyone call that panel toy????
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