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  1. http://pr0n.biz/stuff/flash/respect.swf
  2. apparently. "slob" is a degrading term for "blood" (bloods? yeah right.) and "crab" is a degrading term for "crips" (crips? yeah right.) http://pub137.ezboard.com/fbreakdanceincan...picID=658.topic
  3. in the end i still get attention so thats not a cover up :lol:
  4. How is 12oz? Well I am pretty much of a junior member around here. but there seems to be somthing 12oz has that no other forums can have. It's just that special "flare" of witty, smart-ass comments that has seem to have emerged from it's roots. dont get me wrong, I chose this forum over ALL other forums. But when you go to a forum such as gamefaq all you see are snobby moderators deleting posts that bypass curse word sensors and "hatefull" threads being removed. pure graffiti and 12oz are both in it for the same shit. but it just seems that PG is trying to imiate the 12oz style. anyone feel me here?
  5. i just wanted as much attention as tease. and now i got it HAAHA MOTHER FUCKERS
  6. http://pub137.ezboard.com/fbreakdanceincan...picID=645.topic
  7. I didnt erase my thread. the mods deleted it. It was a joke post moron
  8. I am sleeping with my friend last night and I could not seem to get comfortble in his bed. so i lifted up I touched the sheets and it felt werid so i looked under and saw a piece of plywood covering the bed!
  9. http://www.torontohiphop.com/modules.php?n...e=article&sid=4 this crack whore needs to jock somthing like making beed braclets
  10. I will begin my auto biography of Tease, the legend of the west side streets of suburbs of Fresh Flowers Garden. Tease grew up a rough house hold aswell of a rough area. growing up in a 2 door, gararged, 4 bedroom, 2 toliets, and satalite T.V would be considered rugged. along with the many social dysfunctional things he had to deal with. His mother was full time house mom who would beat the living shit out of the pancakes ... early in the morning. Tease would hafe to wake up from his slumber at 8 am in the morning from mom making pancakes, and reciting the lyrics of Ma'Momma'me A. "Every morning was hell. It was like living in a jail bird cage -Tease" Not only was the family dysfunctional. Tease had sever income problems. twice, his mother had to call the hydro company and tell them they wont be able to make there payment untell NEXT WEEK. growing up with little money can be tough. Many ghetto youth join gangs at younge ages for quick cash on the streets. Tease joined his first gang when he was 15, called "The West Side Suburban Slangers." They put in hard work on pushing Advill and cough syrup threw the west side ghetto. when Tease was 16 his mother had found out about his criminal movements. she was soo confused about how to get her poor child of the street, she called social services. Tease, was not to happy about that and decided to run away from home. after 2 nights of sleeping infront of the dirty roach infested food basics, tease decided to come home. he was about to face one of the hardst moments in his life. his mother and father had a histerical breakdown when he was gone. when he returned they harshly greeted him with a "where have you been?!" Tease refused to take bad talk from his mother after pushing Advill and cough syrup threw the streets and spending 2 nights living on the street. he was to street wild to be disaplined. tease now lives in his own condo in Fresh Flowers Garden. his parents struggle everyday to drive down to the bank to insert the cheque for his condo.. Traffic indeed, is bad on monday mornings. this concludes my bio to the rugged life of the legendary Tease.
  11. anyone else see this thread at PG? :lol: http://www.puregraffiti.com/forum/upload/s...=&threadid=5137
  12. dont judge it on her right away. you know how women can be about this kind of stuff. she might just be trying to get safe any accident.
  13. are we allowed to post smart-ass remarks about tease or will it consist of a ban?
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