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Cap'N SlaP'N

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  1. keep doin' ya thang but i got good advice coming from another small town GA writer. Lock your own city down heavily by getting up, don't get no outta townerz to come start YOUR scene... but i may make a road trip!!!
  2. LENS i guess seems to know what he's talkin' about. bottom line NO STRUCTURE WITH STRAIGHT LETTERS NO BURNERS. P.S. remember a "S" starts out lookin like this to everyone til yoyu put you own style to it!!!!!!
  3. remember when toys realized if you haven't had to fight over graffiti YOUR NOT UP!!!! and just cuz you have doesn't mean your up!!!!
  4. those guys with an n with a circle around it are fresh what they call it Network!!!!! yea boi bump
  5. what u niggaz know about tha dirty south"
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