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  1. twamp sack for $15?...all day every day.. Quoted post [/b] more like twamp sacks for 6. real savs don't cop dubs. zips or higher, step your weight up.
  2. skel is hurt. by emo do you mean biting grey?
  3. just try to talk shit on jeloe, fucking no name toy. Quoted post [/b] get off the dick of fools you don't even no. chump.
  4. fuck faggot ass jeloe. lets see some real grimey shit none of that gay ass art shit.
  5. seen that fool blae ETB runnin in the jacka video. funny shit. northern-ridaz.com/the_jacka-barney_(more_crime)-nridaz.wmv
  6. raw song of equipto spittin about mike dream and bay rap over that one kanye beat. real talk. http://www.westcoastrydaz.com/media/audio/...coastrydaz).mp3
  7. stolen from another forum. this shit was on hifi "back in the day" hahaha. i just realized it's like 6 years ago or some shit. i was 12 bitches.
  8. that aker diss is how frisco natives handle out of towners. fuck your hipster ass--i'm so coked out now bla bla bla choke on a dick bitch. read that shit while you try to be feelin yourself, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch...
  9. that shit came out pretty clean for being off the mush. post up more flicks of that one crew above, AWS. asians with stunnas???? what the feezy?
  10. i never actually thought that someone would bite shuks. thats just ridiculous. but if this is who i think it is, i be feelin the tags...
  11. didn't this used to have a giant, aqua, maseo production under it?
  12. this piece is hella fuckin sick. this shit is real. bump for king twickskis. anyone hit the vaporizer yet????
  13. this is sick. 2 young homies. niggz best blow up...
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