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  1. What r u trying to do Steel Wheel u fukwit
  2. Vent, so did u meet this guy and paint with him or did he just send u an email?
  3. VENT in 7th Letter, thats fukn bigtime man, props, keep it up u burnin!
  4. Re: >>> - SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA - <<< its a sydney flik u twat
  5. it supposed to look that way, they wanted to show that graff is also still trashy
  6. gota say the kurs a couple up in orange, BIG GES BITE, dont bite that shit man it just makes u look stupid
  7. fuk yeah luv that last one and luv the story behind it, classic
  8. Meeteater theres no Ozzy in the flik u quoted, its DASH FBA XMEN, not from Australia
  9. a person who wont listen to someone who uses the letter u to denote the word you, is probably small minded and therefore my comments are useless cos he cant even get over abriviation in language, let alone racial difference
  10. if u cant recognise the problem u cant fix it, political or not
  11. I have plenty of Israeli friends who moved out of israel because there friend was killed on a bus or they sat watching scud missiles fly over there heads every night. You can do it to, dont support the killing on either side. I wouldnt tell you to do anything like a general, thats the problem, you have war on the mind, always, and your conditioned to think your the ones who will always win, so you fight with bombs, helicopters, soldiers, borders, propaganda, and in doing so never stop the war that goes on there. You could all live there hapily together if you didnt have a thousand year old attitude of being better than everyone else. Israellis are amazing people, jews too, but you have to stop these ugly traits coming through or it will kill the amazingness you have in u for good, and cause the deaths of thousands more in the process.
  12. Blow me, why do u think it keeps coming up man?
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