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  1. yo niggas just cant giv it up cause they jelly....boner u need to come back to merrick pheen n emer n seer puttin swirls and scrawny tags in ya shit.....holla
  2. that gta theme was done by abk...and it was hotter...just being an asshole Peace
  3. whats good with some SNR flix on the takeover tip
  4. ^^^nigga please noone owes me money cept your moms for breakin that back...and oh yeh u also think neckface is dope HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Now all you little fr8 herbs and bumblefuck bombers hop on me and start talkin shit to me how i got a bad attitude..we all know the real stop making respect such an easy thing to earn...BOOMSHAKALAKA
  5. you are all what is wrong with graffiti....thank god you all dont live in new york...neckface is a joke stop giving a nigga props..he dont beef he dont do throw ups and his handstyle is garbage...dont gimme that intentional shit the kid just sucks...as for being up...i havent seen him in any HOOD...ive seen bk the the ville and midtown manhattan...no south bronx no hoods in queens hes fucking garbage and u herb ass niggas are on his jock saying hes ill... Dont do graffiti any of u...his canvases are str8 up basquiat wanna bes...u know what samo SUCKED TOOO!!!!!!!!!!hipster herbs
  6. yes u can when hes a fucking art fag toy that gets no respect...id rather see swatstikas than this garbage
  7. i know someone has the new jammies, the highways are getting hit once again
  8. this nigga is str8 garbage an gives toys reason to think their shit is unique.......u guys should just start painting huge cocks everywhere................... no love for art fags in NY in tha 2004 stay outta my city
  9. that spot was taken back in a new york minute once again
  10. yo ethreadz good shit you got any human????????
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