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  1. its so funny cause they had to use graffiti to write the name of their sorority! It just proves how great graffiti is and how retarded and confused they are for painting over other peoples names, especially at the beach.
  2. woah! let me know how that all turns out
  3. kyle is the original internet thug
  4. this is a good example of what im talking about
  5. i think you dont need to worry so much about other people being "greedy" or not following "the code". If you feel so strongly about someone not following "the code" you should go over them and maybe write why. The same goes for wack advertising jocking graffiti. Its against "the code" to complain about writers, or anything else, on the internet.
  6. does anyone have a shot of the ground of that place?
  7. tofu! its blizzarding outside. fuck the east.
  8. man you guys are trippin hes just doing his thing fuck the haters!
  9. i dont see an na anywhere just a ge on the tower on the left
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