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  1. wow gaus you were born in a town where their are spanish people and the block is scary to your pale ass so you only went to the safeway two towns away and you saw your mom get beat up by her pimp and she went in the fetile position. Thanks for letting us all know. Yoour graffiti is less then horrible and reminds me not to try to write, until i dont suck anymore. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :chicken: :chicken: :( You shoud find or create a suburbs thread, maybe then, peeps will dig what your doing or sayiing. But seattles a city young buck, and people arent impressed by conceited kids whos only rep is having this self destructive hobby for years and years. Graffiiti is more common then basketball for white kids, so if your gonna talk so loud with tag name screennames, please check to see if anyone even notices your game. btw, friends dont count, neither do clueless females :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: respond asap gaus. Another KO is waiting for you. ANOTHER HATEFUL WASTE OF TIME FROM :king: :king: :king: LZ playa
  2. its time for you to cut your fingers off dude, why are you trying to write a fucking poem???? godvito was right, you were dropping info like a scared bitch except you aint in the hotseat, your just a fag that needs his ego rrubbed. I understand, were all there but stop your yapping. I know scumdog, fugazi and whoelver else depended on their news for a feeling of accomplishment but yall got motherfucking served by me, littlezane, pulling cards when need do. Your lucky the moderator deleted everything. You know you cant respond legit when your telling me im stupid because of my typo's. Yall are stupid to even try and play that shit. but fuck it, suck each others dicks and sleep peacefully. PS: who the fuck is mine and 4get??? never heard of them......
  3. god damn why the fuck did you post them nubian fags on this? musics music. get over it already. actions speak louder then words budda
  4. sorry i have to bring it up gaus, night fliks at the freewall do not count as bombing. Im glad you made it there though!
  5. panties in a bunch YO IMC!!!! LZ can sayy whoevers fucking name he wants, no ones safe. Lipid is not my dog. And everybody's in this picture, its a fucking chatroom faagot. And I been dissing you for months, so dont act surprised clown!!!
  6. maybe im different like an alien but that lipid burns so much of the shit on this thread, all of the bs you post gaws. You do fillins throwies underneath bridges, but since you seem to appreciate the legal sear so much, maybe youll get out to the freewall soon enough and sunlight will hit the work you put in!! good luck fagot
  7. diss me... naw homeboy, this shows LZ knows what happens on the streets and knows whats up. Crack dumb jokes you proud fag, but in the end your screennames the only place where anyone see's asic on brickslayers. thats real you homo.
  8. yeah dog i love this shit bump for them pics. juan coming sickasfuk. the penis on the last page is sickness too. who remembers his bombing spree on seattle 3 years ago. He must have had 5 fillins and 3 pieces on eastlake,
  9. little comment from littlezane asic keep it to your ten yearly trains you fag. the wall aint having it. dlok you suck balls. stop showing the world yourself, its not alright caus its something no one in seattle has ever seen.
  10. sdizzy keeps bizzy my hero nice fucking post seattledied. a phat reminder of why i waste my life at the computer on a chatroom ps 3a upsk live shit. mercer street gangsta!!!
  11. pores worries about punking too many toys on this shit and turns threads sour, atleast pores does real graff to make thrreads something though. bjork too much garbage graff on the internet, those trains suck and belong on your computer only, and next time you post one, post just one, theyre like mayonaise and when we see to much, its just ooughhhh. show more ass and less graff. .
  12. sick posts whodie and surfeit and dkoloyd . porer, dkae, and the store thats wheatpasted with graf are my favs but all is sick.
  13. colt, gouls, and hotel!!!! The piece with a big shoe below above the life is dope. Anyone know who that is?
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