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  1. whoops check your mail box thing.
  2. hello, im gonna be home november 23. infect has my email. friends interested in painting and sea stories try and contact me.
  3. hey infect, you still got the same old email? if so i sent you a secret message containing my highly confidential email. holla back!
  4. the rumors are true, juser was talked into joining the circus by a circus recruiter at his school and he has many new friends now like the worlds biggest midget, and the toothless wonder.
  5. sick shit! that yellow/black fill in the ditch is tight. that sucks the shithead gotbuffed but that HD is twice as good. obviously its hard to tell from without being there but it looks like the scene in austin is still chugging along and surviving without mojos. theres a couple kids here that used to paint strictly mojos and it looks like theyre having to move to the streets. thats how it seems from the flicks.
  6. listen infect! you need to stop posting. your getting me very homesick and its making me cry and im running out of tissues. p.s. all those gomer freights are ill, so is the character. still having problems with email on the ship infect.
  7. wut up, those kudos rollers are sick. all HD shit is hot. hey dobs.infect i gotta get a new email account so you can tell me who got arrested and any other news(not allowed to use civilian email accounts).
  8. this is ridiculous. it doesnt matter who is fuckin king, make yourself a king, if you really were a king you wouldnt care that people thought someone else was king. Does anyone see crowns over my throws? ive only been around for 2 years, not along time. Robo, if your done then fucking leave. I dont know how you could hate austin. Your the only person in the US that hates austin. Your like the Ebenezer Scrooge of austin graffiti. youve said "BAH HUMBUG!" to every post on this thread. Technikal, ive bombed the ghetto, i dont see what that has to do with anything. I bombed through highschool and still graduated, ive only been arrested once, ive gone through boot camp, and im about to spend 2 years in alaska on a ship that saves fisherman and other desperate victim of the bearing sea and its 50 foot waves. I am a king.
  9. too bad SH and HD are the only writers worth posting ;)
  10. whatup tease! im back man! i aint gonna be in town till tomorrow tho, im at a hotel right now, i'll hit you up tho fo sho, boot camp has been a trip. lotta shit to talk about.
  11. isolated at 2 weeks of boot camp and the austin thread is still the same. DAM. if you know my number then hit me up cause i'll be home for christmas. and yess..i want to paint.
  12. im minutes away from boarding the bus to bootcamp. Everybody stay up and as always...the juice is loose!
  13. aight, i'll talk to your bro
  14. yo technikal, i keep tellin you to hit up my email, its gonna be your loss if you dont. sippinjuice@hotmail.com
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