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  1. indie just means zee community fame, zee smaller celebrity but they still talk about zee fame like poison in society
  2. What zee hell? no way..
  3. I'm an apple guy, put when it comes to pc's, make sure zee warenty is there cause that may unreliable, but hey, expect to spend a little more on a laptop and stuff..... you know, to make sure you get what you need
  4. GermanAccent

    the club

    no, all I remember from vegas was zee cheap hotel room "happi inn" anyone? mirrors on the ceiling, headboard and wall very sexy
  5. ok.. aparently some of you missed ZEE sacrasism but really I'm lonely
  6. "yeah, she got some big ass tities, yeah" ughh ughh uuhh hguu yeah
  7. You know what.. know what... fuck you fuck you aaannnd fuck you, I haven't had zee sex in two years< so you ain't getting zee sympathy from this boy..alright then meaningless sex would make my day..ok you ungratefull bastard you know what's worse.. zee birthday is XX days away, and I mostly likely won't get any then either.... so hey, good luck on finding zee "meaningfulll realationship" because many others are still getting NOTHING!! man, you suck (sob, sob) (P.S. Any ladies out there intrested in zee guy who types with a german accent, I'm lonely)
  8. Q: Why putz a baby in zee blender feet first? A: So you can see zee look on it's face while your masturbating Ooh..zee funnieness
  9. oooooh...how zem geeks love zee frodo boy
  10. Zee enema is a good choice first, keep zee filthyness off
  11. umm.. zee price iz in zee pudding.. or maybe a nice abstract tapioca.. zat iz good Never less zan 60 euros
  12. Zee storyline really doezn't cut zee mustard... oh... zee uber-shame
  13. And so zee cycle continues....
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