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  1. That nace on the thruway wasn't done by hush 47. SAG did the nace. The hush 47 is gone over now.
  2. was a PK from Queens , old school train writer. Used to write note also.
  3. damn, you motherfuckers been talkin about faro for at least 2 pages. Get out and paint. Faros doing his thing, graf is based on letters, period! Are his letters good, NO, but hes out there painting and if he continues he will evolve. His mummy characters are pretty dope, if you dont like them go do something about it and stop bitchin about it. What up ADHD I see you!!
  4. Please email all photos for flashbacks to FLASHBACKSINFO@YAHOO.COM. Please remember to include the writers name and state the picture is from. Please try and keep everything as exclusive as possible. We still would prefer hardcopies mailed to: Flashbacks P.O. box 7372 FDR station New York, NY 10150
  5. Anyone who wishes to submit pictures of graffiti to flashbacks magazine please send them to: Flashbacks P.O. box 7372 FDR station New York, NY 10150 We will except picture from all over the United States. We currently are not excepting pictures from overseas. This will be a strictly United States magazine. Please remember to keep all pictures exclusive as much as possible. If you would like to help us out copy and paste this and repost it as a new bulletin so we can get the word out. Thanks, Poem and Wez.
  6. Some of these may have been posted. im not sure. Missing the esen, era and abel
  7. Yo medow you should of done a 3d and at least covered the whole wall.
  8. Re: whats your fav graffiti artists DERO SENTO DOC TC5 EMIT SUB WANE BATES CAN 2
  9. What ever happened to letters? and letter structure?
  10. Yes, DJ no and tess are credited for being the first to use wheatpasting as a fom of getting up. Revs and cost took it to a whole different level, but they were the first.
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