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  1. tupac was so damn poor tupacs mom sold his brother into slavery just so tupac could get new air force ones, and thats the god spoken truth son
  2. yall aint real niggas, specially you up there son^^^ talking all literate and shit. you must get no play I bet the last person you had sex with was a slave son
  3. i like this nigger^^^ hes sayin my can controls so good i can come with the computer like precision
  4. yo what the fuck are you silly crackers talkin about
  5. ^^^arent you the gay ass nigga with the digimon backpack
  6. the 2pac is toy? that wall was part of a producetion painted over the seen and espo wall in deep ellum, now lets see some of your walls beyatch, and it is called a doo rag son
  7. ^^^this nigger recognizes, skittles did use to work at dennys but that nigga got fired for rubbing his nuts in a white dudes omelet. currently that nigga is working at baby gap, and we are all hoping that he keeps his baggage in the overhead compartment
  8. the only joke in here is you playah now get the fuck out for i make your teethes look like this niggas :D son
  9. Yo what up this my new crew ABM for All black males, we are a all nigga crew in downtown dallas ya heard. GGGG G-UNIT Right now we have 5 members, http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/33827/p/607637_1090888844417410045_vl.jpg'> Showty http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/33827/p/607636_3835792393475131489_vl.jpg'> Its Murdah http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/33827/p/607635_5549737748486816102_vl.jpg'> Killah http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/33827/p/607639_1005723496755963973_vl.jpg'> Me tupac http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/33827/p/607638_6018800919153383373_vl.jp
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