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  1. hmm.. you were still in kindergarden at age 9?
  2. and your warning would be what exactly? tonight, i'm just drinking egg nog- you though, shall have fun- this turf, she's a good one. happy new year all.
  3. mastermind- deltron. cocktails- Too Short. all mine [or] strangers - portishead. Once Again (Here to Kick One for You) of Handsome Boy Modeling Schoo. "i'm a male model not a Male prostetute -MODELING JUST SUCKS" freaks of the industry- kottonmouth kings !!! the decline- NoFX. i suggest listening to the lyrics and getting all cozy with this one. that or my "my slice" or "filthy philantropist" or "Liza and Louise" that ones hilarious. peanutbutter wolf -always some good stuff! oooh - de la soul. redman's in that one too. ice cream (with Ghostface)-raekwon. tearz- wu-tang.. and, uuhhm, i can't sit here and think of anymore right now so imma goinna bounce. tootles, filthyNun.
  4. i pretty much just needed an excuse to say, "smoooth fatty." good word combo.
  5. yeah ODS sure came in and pooped on this one. ::smooth Fatty::
  6. i hear this often, people dont really ever explain what they mean, messed up as in loss of brain cells from the paint- or messed up because of the life style- and what makes it so?
  7. im serioulsy laughing with you. and yes, i am a kid. and still do play kid games (tag, kick ball, tether ball, i climb the tree across the street from me), but i also draw and write and practice challigraphy because i like it, i design robots, i enjoy knowing about the art that's out there. im not a "kidd" because those kids out here these days are really nuts. well no, they don't know what nuts is, its like theyre really numb but dont even realize it. people are way too scared these days. they believe the crap thats on the tv and listen to what their ignorant parents have to say. you see, i think and i write, and i draw, and listen and observe my surroundings, i dont really ever actually tell anyone what i think completey - "because im nine" i guess a nine year old talking true shit is pretty uncomprehendable. agreed. the thought of me knowing more then some of you didnt even cross the mind. yeah, im a kid, the years prove it, im not one those kidds though (thank goodness). and dont worry im not some dip person trying to get up all in here, i asked one single simple question [refer to first post]. yeah, filthyNun.
  8. man enough of this, hah! seriously im not some dumb fucking kid. yes i can see why would think that. just help me get somewhere. the tenderloin isnt all that scarey. but for obvious reasons, i dont go there too often. except there are quite a lot of good cheap eats. but those are other stories.
  9. well actually i dont really want a crew. as i said i already go out after hours, play the whole ninja tip. Certain people think it's dangerous so i sorta promised i'd try and be a little safer. what i was meaning about jumping inna crew was how to start and go about putting myself out there. people dont see me hit my ups. i like to play in the shadows, so i dont see much others out either. should i be lazy one night and "accdently" be tripped up by other writers? i mean thats just dumb. although only because of my age i have less of a chance of too much trouble in case i ever actually Did get rolled on. just little tips like that. tip on the bidniss, you know? im not in any rush.
  10. so. are you all basically saying i should wait until im older to get into a crew?
  11. rubbeRband pointed out the fact that i should def still get ups. thats all i want to do. it's not the problem, i'll do it anyway. although i do thank rubbeRband for actually responding with something that has some relevance to this thread. ok. look. just deal with the fact that i am nine and a girl and forget about it. because the world is an angry place out here, i know, that is exactly why i started this thread. the whole tip on "crews and what have you's" thing. Got it? filthyNun.
  12. Re: Dedicated to all the ladies out there... aaahhh hah hah
  13. but then again, im probably only saying that because i dont like his music, and thats all i know of him. im not really into all that kiddie shit. sorry.
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