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  1. FuckWhitey


    NOT! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :king: :lol: I AM THE TEASER :king:
  2. FuckWhitey

    So i've completely lost my voice.....

    mr. ABC is on a roll
  3. FuckWhitey

    Hahaha!: Cubans try to sail to Florida-in a '59 Buick

    I wasnt laughing yo, that shit just isnt funny.
  4. FuckWhitey

    Hahaha!: Cubans try to sail to Florida-in a '59 Buick

    All these are qualities of MOST(90%-95%), not all, white people in the US. Naive, aboveboard, artless, callow, candid, confiding, countrified, credulous, forthright, guileless, gullible, harmless, ignorant, impulsive, innocent, innocuous, instinctive, jejune, lamb, patsy, plain, simple, simple-minded, square, sucker, trusting, unschooled, unsophisticated, unsuspicious, untaught, unworldly, virgin. :cool:
  5. FuckWhitey

    Petting women of different backgrounds...

    When is an e-gangsta. no one fuck with him.
  6. FuckWhitey

    Hahaha!: Cubans try to sail to Florida-in a '59 Buick

    gringos :rolleyes:
  7. FuckWhitey

    What is with those billboards? nob

    dont forget the jesus potatoe and pseudoprepism
  8. FuckWhitey

    Hahaha!: Cubans try to sail to Florida-in a '59 Buick

    Thats just the way yall were brought up, naive Ok wait up. in a way, your guys are really displaying the sort of naiveness that white people are known for, and thus called crackers and white-boys/girls. I know that the few who responded dont represent all whites, but fuck, they can represent what everyone else sees them as. Do yall realize that those people have nothing more than what they can fit imn their fucking carboat? they couldnt afford a plane ticket, and you laugh. they couldnt afford a boat ticket and you laugh. they couldnt afford a lawyer to become legal citizens of the US and you laugh at their misfortunes. You then blame THEIR countries politics for THEIR msifortunes. white people. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and correct my spelling since I speak three languages that you probably think avtually makes me "lower" than you, unless I was a white guy that speaks three languages, then Id be "better" than you.
  9. FuckWhitey

    Help me think of a slogan for a zine

    damn tease. I want my money back now. Your a bad business man.
  10. I need a good slogan for a magazine. non graff its like a readers digest, but locally hmmm..
  11. FuckWhitey

    Rosie O'Donell trapped in well!

    ^^^^ hahahaha funny shit
  12. FuckWhitey

    I tell you, gay aunts are fantastic.

    shit, I always said that if I were a woman Id be a lesbian, or a total slut that gives it up to anyone. Post pics of your aunts dildos and shit like that.
  13. FuckWhitey

    Janet and Justin apologize... LAWSUIT.

    problems of amerikkka; thread #876586599
  14. FuckWhitey

    Damn Dr. Dazzle !

    so dr. dazzle, what are you going to do now that your a veteran? (say, Im going to disneyland, in an excited manner)
  15. FuckWhitey

    Valentine's Day

    I have TWO girls that Im seeing. They dont know about each other,and allot of times I see them both on the same day. Like one in the afternoon, and th other a little later. It is a good problem to have, and I recommend it to anyone.