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  1. other than the trains going a littel to fast in the begining i thought that video was pretty fucking cool.
  2. slayer lamer huge tyboe clown coupe
  3. suicide7


  4. damn thats a hot post. i'm really feeling the biter and elser shit
  5. suicide7


    damn, whats with all the haters? else paints some pretty legit stuff, who really cares who he hits up next to his shit. if your good your good.
  6. heres one i caught jus the other day http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/natrl.JPG'>
  7. suicide7

    B4F Crew

    looks like it's time to party _time.JPG'> im almost as cool as gimer now http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/suicide_tits.JPG'> at least someones partying http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/joe_creamed.JPG'>
  8. suicide7

    B4F Crew

    http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/lamer_red.JPG'> http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/slayer_pokodot.JPG'> http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/garage_piece.JPG'> hey, dudes, aka (lamer,torment,gimer,everyone else that we dont know) were hangin with e dub, the kern man, ian, and some babes. were trying to get plowed, but were just gonna jerk each other off instead. yeah for us. so party on.................................. slayer, and suicide
  9. suicide7

    B4F Crew

    http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/slayer_train.JPG'> http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/gymer_suicide.JPG'> http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/b_and_w_train.JPG'> http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/lame_trane.JPG'> http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/suicide_black_red.JPG'> http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/982/b4f_roof.JPG'> big slayer says what up. just slaggin, rackin, drinkin, mackin
  10. suicide7


    the music is a great touch
  11. i second that, please, please don't let this be true.
  12. when it is below zero outside paint will freeze to your hands no matter what, even if the cans are warm. it might just take a few seconds longer to freeze.
  13. thats kind of like what happened on that movie colors where the cop spray painted the kids face green.
  14. i would have to say the worst part about painting in the cold is when your not wearing gloves and the paint gets all over your hands and starts to freeze. it almost feels like your hands are burning off.
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