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  1. Some of the famous Lopburi monkeys of Thailand partake in the food and drinks spread out for them during the annual monkey buffet fair in the province, about 90 miles east of Bangkok. Around 3,000 stray monkeys joined the feast in Lopburi, well-known for the thousands of monkeys that live in an old palace in the middle of the town.
  2. Picuruta Salazar rides the "Pororoca," a wave that flows upstream and reaches a height of 4 meters on the world's second longest river, the Amazon, in Brazil, in this undated photo. The Pororoca happens every year between February and March when the ocean whips back on the heavily drained Amazon and creates a giant swell that flows upstream for hundreds of miles. Salazar, a Brazilian, rode the dirty brown wave for 37 minutes, traveling 12 kilometers through the rainforest.
  3. "June, 2002: Snake handler Peter Morningstar gets nipped on the brow by a 15.5-pound, 10-foot-long carpet snake during a May 30 photo shoot in Brisbane, Australia. Morningstar has been bitten by non-venomous snakes before -- and this one tried to take more than it could chew. The reptile lover ended up with only small puncture marks on his face." this dude makes me appriciate my dead end job
  4. Isley Brothers-"Fight the Power" " "- "its your thing" Herbie and the Headhunters- "Watermellon man" Cymandi -rare, but the entire album is amazing good thread, i gotta look some of these up
  5. i remember seeing montessi in the old new deal videos, i skated with him a few times at the S.P.O.T...dude rips
  6. this website http://www.skateboardgraphics.com has most of the classic graphics from the zenith of skateboard art i doubt well be seeing these in the mall anymore.
  7. anyone seen or got the jeremy wray water tower gap??? i cant find it online, It was for a plan B ad back in 1999. Im pretty sure Daniel Harold Sturt shot it, its definintly the sickest skate photo ever taken, with the exception of danny way
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