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  1. Fo real man, sace straight kills shit everywhere. That fool has so much haert and can present his shit on the streets without any fuked up beef. Nice flix!
  2. FuckArtFags1


    RIP TIE I just got in the game about a year ago, so I never really saw much of his shit live, but from the damage I've heard of and seen, TIE was the all-time most savved out sickest bomber to hit the streets of SF, and kill em. Rest in Peace TIE. I'm sure you've crushed the heavens by now. Peace.
  3. TryalrockSF Those pieces got flavr, but, they are still toy as what.
  4. those characters are too sick:cool:
  5. Wy wur u on da deuce fo blok? Tite, i jus saw a BEAST can shot covering two panels on da deuce fo bus, that shit was so dope an you know that shit was so hot, next to dat was a smoothass ceak panel! Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!!!!
  6. How are you to tell me I'm a kid, you've never even seen me before bitch. So shut up! Oh yeah, its all about that "FRISCO style" though, ain't it pimpslap?! FUCK THAT! You don't know what your talking about.
  7. This is nothing against you or anyone else or MAK, I just wanted to say something he would here. Those other CKT heads at least are good at piecing and are on the right track, but MAK is out in the blue, he needs to hit the sketchbook and run along side wit CKT. Forget that shit I said about CKT, MAK should just get a little better because if he was, and he went out as much as he does right now, those two things combined gets you somethin good. Feel me?
  8. TRUUUUU DAAAAAAAT!!!! CKT couldn't bight much harder, ARTSCHOOLFAGS piss me off. They need to stick to oil paintins and sculptures, THEY DO NOT BELONG IN GRAFF, with exception 2, ATARI, and just because rehpal said MAK was ABUSE (which I already new, wasn't bout to drop dem names) I hate him, but he at least has a semi-new/different style than ABUSE, and he finally has something other than just a broke throwy..............broke simple letters. This is for MAK: the only reasson you get respect is because you go out, anybody is capable of going out as much as they want, but nobody is capable of style until they practice and sketch. The only reason you think your hard is because you can get up. The fact of the matter is, YOU ARE A TOY!!! YOUR SHIT IS WAK, SORRY FOR BEING HARSH, BUT ITS BOUT TIME FOR A MUTHER FUCKING WAKEUP CALL!! STICK TO THE SKETCH BOOK FOR A WHILE THEN GO OUT. YOU'LL THANK ME SOMETIME SOON. I HATE SEEING GOOD SPOTS GET TAKEN BY SUCH FUCKIN TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M NOT FUCKIN AROUND, SO NEXT TIME I SEE MAK, IT BETTER BURN EVERYTHING AROUND IT FOR A 10 MILE RADIUS. JUST LISTEN AND DO WHAT I SAID, and you'll be a happy man. And I'm::spent:
  9. Who's that towards? You betta make it direct or your gettin yaself into a biiiig mess.
  10. Re: Re: laphher He'll probably do it wit only etch also, I ain't backin nobody, I've just seen LAFER etch shots everywhere, he has heart.
  11. Anyways............I agree wit yo slept on list KabnetRaydr, but your missing a few.
  12. Busshoppin is cool, I guess. But who likes climbing shit or or takin shots down walls wit fills and shit. I do!:yum:
  13. I second that. Atari should just drop CKT and run solo.
  14. First of all, true dat. Second of all, I was pissed off at GARY COLEMAN not you. I just quoted you cause of what it said cause that wasn't true at all.
  15. I don't care if he's in the crue or not, CKT stands for COCK KARESSING TOYS Read it and weep! CKT is a bunch of fags that bight each others shit and karess eachothers cocks. They are futuristic generalized toys that think their pieces are tight but they actually suck and have no original style! Atari is the only one I can give props to. He has the only original style with a semi-sick throwy that gets up. But for the rest of you CKT heads, quit writing before you all get shot by the true runnas'!
  16. You've really done it this time punk bitch!! Lapher crushes buses and TOYS!!!!!! Watch the fuck out. I can talk as much shit as i want! Besides, I only talk shit to toys like you. You probably don't know a thing bout SF graff so step back.
  17. You couldn't have dropped his name much harder. You get the Stupid- Toy award for the day. Delete that shit!!!!!!:heated:
  18. It seemed like something did happen, after all, MAK CKT was enough of a little pussy-ass hoe bitch to hit a truck with a wack ass straight letters and put a CAST fill next to it with BST CKT tags above to end some beef he couldn't finish without going out like a TOY BITCH . Wow, who deserves to be in graff when they are a toy, especially abuse, luckily he stopped puttin that shit up, cause I was sick of seeing such nice spots ruined by CKToys. That bitch was in his dypers sucking his mom's titz when I was in the game for at least 3 years. Rule #1, don't go out if your toy!
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