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  1. chuksta101


    uz niggas is just fucking sickk......especially etips..he comes up with some hot ass shit..im really feeling all uz.... -uno:dazed:
  2. good looking out drseuslives.....it did take me about 11 mins and i did int in the last minutes of english class were i learn all my styles...lol....but yo when the next battle comes up i want the rule b4 we do it bcuz then i wunt start b4 iight? -uno:lick:
  3. yesir....i havnet been in this graff shit for a min but ive improved ever since my come back...:lol: but ne wasy whens the battle pix gonna be posted up????:confused:
  4. chuksta101


    good shit...but they almost all look the same to me, but they still hott tho.
  5. sorry to say but that looks like some little kid type shit but its good for a beginer i did the same shit so i cant hate....and oh yea...someone alreadly got mona..my little cuz.....he spells mona,moner,mones,moan,moaner....sorry about that buddy :o
  6. yo i vote for spellbound..his shit is clean and i like how his shit turned out...yo spellbound hit me up iight? aim: ichynippels1 how did u do the outline with a sharpie right?
  7. heres a little gay sketch that i made a couple a days ago....dunt hate cause im still starting and remember....ITS ONLY A SKETCH... http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00393737f00000001.jpg'> :D
  8. iight iight..koo im koo with taht shit...yo onesecondple hit my aim up so then we can see whats really good??? iight??? -uno1:crazy: aim: ichynippels1
  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhh..wtf..i wanted to get down...yo the next battle im down iight??i wanna see some shit go down... hit my aim up:i chynippels1:mad:
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