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  1. i dont know why i posted up in here, i am an idiot
  2. http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v154/logan_P/Picture_066.jpg'> http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v154/logan_P/Picture_068.jpg'> http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v154/l...Picture_075.jpg
  3. blackbook http://img50.photobucket.com/albums/v154/logan_P/Picture_080.jpg'>
  4. thanks for coming out id like to thank everyone who came out on march 13 to the freewall it was a good production and everyone got up big time i will post flix of the wall here in the next week or so, depending when i got em taken and uploaded once again thanks to everyone who came, shore, curse, king slick, chuba, ruck41, swae, and onesec hopefully in april we will have yet another event planned and even more heads can show up :krunk:

    HATS (help)

    whatever nice thread
  6. check out this site this is a site that is pretty original, to my knowledge the artist is james patterson check it out, your bound to be impressed www.presstube.com -check out the archives as well!
  7. the positive note- *there is a means for people who otherwise might not ever talk to writers in different areas a place to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas *a gigantic database for anyone interested in graf to find out information about it the negative note- *there is not as much effort put forth for the individual who wants to learn like many others before him: ie. trial and error *people from different areas dont have a distinct style from one another, due to this platform able to help one another share techniques and flix these are just a few thoughts that came from the tip of my dome, things i witness and even find myself doing. all in all i think that it just matters how people tend to use this tool that most of us take for granted. for me this internet forum is a bulletin board for all to see, share event news and help one another, not bash each other because one may be young and inexpierenced, or to slander those thoughts and ideas that some of us writers want to share....


    never heard of an iowa writer never heard of bomit.com either, sorry charlie
  9. wasnt this thread closed.... anywho, im glad to see that it isnt, thanks to someone up there looking down, much appreciated for those curious, muncie IN is about 3 hours north of louiville KY it about an hour and a half northeast of indy and about 3 hours northwest from cincy, i can easily email more specific directions to those interested -and remember, stealing is bad:lol:
  10. attention all writers in the midwest for anyone located within driving distance of Muncie IN (bloomington, anderson, ft.wayne, indy, richmond, etc.) there is going to be yet another freewall production. anyone who wants to put the can where there keyboard is should come and do so. this spot chosen is a notorious wall located on the imfamous cardianl greenway, the spot is safe, clean, legit, and legal. i hope to see new faces, and styles. the date is set for saturday, March 13th for more info contact docjizzy@yahoo.com
  11. well gfresh i just assumed alot of people here where learning thank you for making it clear that everyone here is already of grandmaster status
  12. you all had an awful lot of insite pertaining to that quote, glad to hear the positive feeback i can see that it is easier to just critisize this quote, and its messenger, then to take the time to consider what it means thats cool though, what should one expect from anyone who has replyed on a forum more then they have thrown up on a wall
  13. listen to sleepyheads, by mr.lif, then go to sleep
  14. <span style='color:skyblue'>"strength is ignorance freedom is slavery peace is war" now that says alot in a nutshell, whatta you think about it </span>
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