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  1. Why do other people write their boy that's locked up name? Does everyone else know? Or is it just a respect thing? I thought, if you're locked up, that's your bad. Right? If you get locked up, you still get up? What is that? I'm not talking a "free so and so". I'm talkin a whole fuckin wall like so and so did it himself.
  2. hoodie, dickies jeans and brown new balance kicks and yes VERY CORNY PEOPLE STILL WEAR ECKO
  3. you know what I really hate? When they get mad at you, they go out with their friends and look all types of good. I fuckin hate that. other things I hate -bitches who tell you're they're freaky then don't freak -girls who burn. hahahahaha kid would know about that one. hahahaha -Girls who have fat asses and have a boyfriend -girls who hang out with guys just because they like one of em -girls who wear those fucking messy buns in their hair when they go out. -bitches who cock block -bitches who sit on your lap for an hour bein all sexy then get mad when you grab their ass, tit, whatever -bitches period. -girls who draw their eyebrows on. What the fuck is that shit. Eeewww. -Girls who won't kiss you when you're both drunk and she won't remember anyway. I do love girls though. especiall my ex-girl Kali. Ain't that a bangin name. It's pronounced like Cali-fornia
  4. I fuckin love girls. I hate the way they act sometimes but in all, when I go out, or when any of you guys go out, what are you lookin for? girls. I love fuckin them, gropin them, smackin their ass while we're fuckin, kissin them, watchin them ride me. It's great. The only thing I hate is watchin the ones you really got it bad for leave. I let this girl go cuz I'm so stupid. My friends are all fuckin players and were busy cappin my head up. They told me I didn't need her and I had better things to do. She's still fuckin hot though. I never seen a white girl with an ass like that. I'm talkin about a fat ass. Oh Yes. I'll post a picture when I get my scanner together.
  5. The reason why they wear those fucking hoods is because they know what they're doing is wrong. They do have that small shred of intelligence. The only people stupider than the klan are those other white supremisists. They fucking walk around in their overalls with no shirts, teeth missing (looking like a kenso) and all screaming "white power". Any stupider than that and your name should be George W. Bush. On another note SARAHYOULOSE did I spell anything wrong. I probably did. You shoulod hurry up and spank me.:king:
  6. and uh sub dude what exactly do you mean hip hop is more worth while? Hip hop music or hip hop culture?
  7. TS I didn't like it very much myself. It just didn't reel me in. I was bored reading it. I wanted to respond well so I read the whole freakin thing. That thing was too god damn long to be soooo boring. Thanks but no thanks. :king:
  8. Trick


    my point was not that it's not fun or that it's bad only that at first it hurts. yeah there are big turds but ask any girl, it hurts the first coupkle of times. I'm not a constantly butt fucked person... hehehehe.....so it takes a little while to fully enjoy the rarity of anal sex. and to the person who said that they like it when girls are into it, we're....... we'll i can't say that because i can't speak for every girl but i want it when i'm horny and have been fucking regular for a while. you can't just butt fuck right away. it's like against the law or something. oh and rule number one NO LUBE = NO SHIT TUBE.
  9. Trick


    you guys may enjoy but, (no pun intended) imagine our (the females) pain the first couple a times. imagine trying to push a skittle through your pee hole
  10. wish i could help but i have only heard of portishead and i don't even know what they sound like. sorry.
  11. Trick

    Graff Girls

    i am a female as well
  12. Trick

    Graff Girls

    nice shit 666. some sick chicks
  13. Trick


    me too. but i don't let people know except for you people because you don't know me and will never see me.
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