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shaq shoes

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  1. Your stock just went up in my book.
  2. That guer/obces train is Ill. I saw that pvert in krime time magazine in 1997, good to see it still riding
  3. fuckin A fuck, nice post. Tagged Turtles are the new black! less cats more tagged turtles.
  4. anyone ever heard of these cats?
  5. Cant wait to go over that glue.
  6. Dont know why your trippin, thats perfect light for good color. Fuck the shadow making, color washing fucking sun son! Nice post
  7. I knew it'd be a bunch of shitty pieces to, when I saw florida
  8. Yea remio tried to make out with me at a show! Whats up with gay graff these days....
  9. ^^^^^To me your clean train is worth about 4 hours to ride before they buff it, and not really worth your time when you decide it is to hot to do your real name. ( not hatin, just sayin ) Cleans are kinda cool, yea I got 2 myself,they are a notch on the belt, but your just holding onto an out dated ideology of the early days. Times changed tho, do the math, do more freights, in general they last longer.......... Viva Freights!
  10. shaq shoes


    went over that fool the other day
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