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  1. no you won't?? what the fuck you on pussy. with your pm them shit. you fucking gay little fag boy fucker. this ain't graf, this is some bullshit way into it for all you little toy cunts who use it as a status gaining prop for your sad and meaningless existances. I'll grass you all up for being moronic enough to think this is a part of the scene. THIS IS THE FUCKING INTERNET, not some 'oh we're being so hot, and sly to use this, but we can't be bait, cos we might get shift' shit. Get it straight: this is not in any way,shape, or form graffiti. It is however, something completely different, a new way of being involvled in a hip and trendy scene. Nothing wrong with it, but do try not to confuse the two, oh, and it's really not that hot being a person who talks about other peoples graffiti on the net.......

  2. ;) just to say brando (is that marlon?). You probably shouldn't be mean to whitey for being rich, surely thats a good thing...are you poor, is it cool being skint, is it hip-hop. If whitey is rich he can buy whatever he wants for the rest of his life, thats a GOOD THING. I am rich too, well my parents have money, and I get to spend it, which makes me popular with other rich kids, it's a good way of life. Anyway atg are rich and quite posh so they probably, like whitey, think it's cool to post their flicks... be good now.

  3. Is "gise" ATG? umm no. but its a nice try mr spence or whatever fat spotty (failed the normal police exam 3 times) cunt that might have replaced him.. whose gise, some little 5 year old you nabbed with a biro......heres a tip for you atg are all in the employment of the British Transport Police, Smart, Roe (pc), Beeken, Purchase, O'Connell. We're watching you watching us...........ahead'a the game.

  4. next queeery


    throw ups are cool, but only done well with originality and freestyled. but on the subject(ish)....the other day some toy came up to me, following brief conversation he discovered who i was and proclaimed."oh, i know you, you do that arty shit, dubs and stuff innit." this all came from the biggest toy whose best reaches are in biro on park benches! this leads me to the next question.... RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO GET UP... BUT ONLY BOMB/THROW UP/SCRATHIES..ETC..OR...STYLE MASTERS WITH TECH FILLINS/LETTERING/OUTLINES....BUT ARE NOT AS UP..?? ps. can this thread be revived, or is it in a coma?:)

  5. dat tonks ATG emulsion can be snapped from sandall road offf camden high road, look over the wall facin cantelowes. also check out


    ATG peice campaign, cally road (silverlink)


    Aint That Gorgeous, Canonbury (on the crackden next to the station)


    and fresh colours at camden road.


    dont hate, appreciate...

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