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  1. where's that crow by that acet?
  2. will post more pictures latter on.
  3. ----- over 500 KCS boxcars in there
  4. huge up date from my boy fr8slayer he got banned from 12oz for a long time. heres flix from the dead! ---all pictures by FR8SLAYER-01-02-11--------- about 200 pictues in this end of the line up date
  5. waterdeadlou


    dog are you serious? why dont you stop posting flicks. and just paint. if its flick worthy im sure some one in your city will post it.
  6. waterdeadlou


    damn that obsoe looks fire.....
  7. waterdeadlou


    i had to chime in on this. i feel like the writers that came from cle really did their thing but the bar for quility work commin outa cleveland has lowered. i really only see foggy pieces with white hilights outeroutline and in the 3d commin outa cleveland. cbus on the other had is flooded with toys. it has always ben like that. but the spots street and train spots are tighter and the hole hand style sceen their is off the hook. plain and simple the pieces i was seeing at the practice spots wer fire. hands down right now bustown over cle. sorry cleveland you guys just fell off.
  8. waterdeadlou


    seriously one of my fav beer pieces in the sk8 flik......
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