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  1. cool cinik.jpg'> cinik1.jpg'> if this works i will be pissed
  2. what the fuck why don't any of my god damn pictures work what the fuck is this bull shit
  3. er kids image1.jpg'> van streaking all day peace to der eaor gosh devor rekn efer reno 775
  4. fuck why the fuck cn't i get this shit to work man fuck this i am fucking tired of this stupid bull shit i gues i am too FUCKING RETARDED TO DO ANYTHING AT THIS RATE I AM GOING NOWHERE WITH MY INTLELGENCE I MIGHT AS WELL SHOOT MY SELF IN THE FACEimage07.bmp'> :mad:
  5. huh IMAGE03.BMP'> ER KIDS YO
  6. yeah 775 image02.bmp'> rippin reno but why
  7. lover1213

    reno 775

    yeah motha fucka you know who your fuckin with you know what kinda ass wuppin comes with this your whole crew can get some of this your wack as fuck kids thats what the subject is- spawn
  8. ummm i don't know http://www.renohiphop.com/gallery/View_Photo.asp?photoFile=show.asp&photoName=../uploads/Graffiti/bazarw3.jpg&Cat=Graffiti&SortBy=DateCreated%20desc,%20id%20desc&daysOld=-1&searchText=&Page=4'>
  9. fuck this bull shit why the fuck wont this shit work what ami doing wronghttp://'> http://image02.bmp'>
  10. ugh http://www.renograff.cjb.net'> k
  11. what the fuck is wrong with me why cant i make this work image02.bmp'> what the fuck plaese help me out i am stupid:confused:
  12. image1.jpg'> pict0018.jpg'> pict0019.jpg'> image02.bmp'> image03.bmp'> image07.bmp'> image10.bmp'> image11.bmp'> image06.bmp'> rippin reno to peices more top come .
  13. its all about painting on vans paint on vans right by your school so everybodt at school can wonder damn who did that "kill all the ones who forget you"
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