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  1. xTc_Angel

    The 3D pages.

    i love you bouncekraze! muah! :love2: :love2: :love2: muah!
  2. umm...i won't be displaying those pics...lol :lol:
  3. thanks for the thread onsecondple. I have never been so happy. It feels weird being a mommy but I know I can handle it. Keep my new family in your prayers. Thanks again! XtC Angel (bouncekraze's baby's mama...hehe)
  4. de nada....i just dont understand how someone can diss on another person's talent. it's all about ur own creativity
  5. i used to have a stretch armstrong man when i was little..hehe ooh...and sockem' boppers! crEEeeEEeepy crawlers!
  6. oh yea! and that puppet show...fragil rock
  7. spinning tops, jacks, atari, pong, demolition durbies, trolls, easy bake ovens, gak (that slime that makes the fart noise), silly putty, chia pets, and the clapper :confused:
  8. hell yea! i love sponge bob!!!
  9. i think your work is pretty good....fuck all u haters
  10. catholic private school girls gone wild! and i would wear my school uniform!!! hehe
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