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  1. hahahhha thats funny, there is nothing wrong with marrying outside the religion, it is just not advised, thats all. And yes there are some weird people out there some I just don't know about some elders, they get a lil too crazed. oh and that whole believing god,jesus and the holy spirit are one, yeah dude thats the Trinity not JW.
  2. HAHAHAH Graff for nerds that are to big of toys to go out and risk their lives for the better cause.
  3. i think its more about a bunch of letters together, like a word, than just one letter. Needs flow, one letter doesn't show it as good.
  4. they are gay like this faggot right hurrrrr. seriously though, what a fucking waste of life, fucking bike riding without a cause cornball ass mutha fuckers. Quoted post [/b] Wow I would expect more from you. And to correct you cornball mutha fucker, mormons are the ones on bikes dick nose. dumb ass. ha :haha:
  5. So is pornography more addictive than cocaine? Some say it is. I think so.
  6. I'm sitting around and bored. People always get confused views on religious backgrounds or what exactly is the true beliefs. All in all religion can be talked about forever ( better when drunk ). So Jehovahs Witnesses, one of the most confused and missed understood. What is everyones views?
  7. is that even a real picture of a evo, it looks fake. and swif, get out of the house and fuck the car, don't let your life be ruined for a fuckn car especially when it can wait.
  8. oh word didn't know it was posted before, i haven't been on in a while plus this place is huge, so oh well, no worries
  9. the real paper chase Bored, try this on for size ^, i thought it was good.
  10. some are real A lil while past where i live there used to be an abandoned insane asylum, which had a very large history of sightings and other things people heard. Before it was a sanitarium i was one of Al Capons mansions. Before it was torn down , my friends and i wne thtere plenty of times, fuckn cool but freaky place, goin there drunk was the best. But one of the last times we went we all swore we heard screams, fuckn chills like a mother fucker. Just putting in my two bits. PEace
  11. ThePoet

    Red VS Blue

    I don't know if this shit rooled through here already or not but its some funny shit. A bunch of nerd got together and created a series of the Halo concept, and they do a pretty good job at it to.http://www.redvsblue.com
  12. I think it was set, towards the end it shows that it might be staged
  13. ThePoet

    Single Letters.

    Oh my god Hey 83... WTF is wrong wit those things, please don't post anymore, i mean at least calm down on the colors rainbow warrior, and what did you do em in, pastels
  14. one problem every kid thinks they got style, most of em are just bitting chunks off those with it, and the other half walk like their all that but they're not and other toys can burn them. Its really pretty sad.
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