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  1. Gamble Garp PePe Ich Biter + a bunch of good ones Good post!
  2. What's the point of all the forum beef sesions.. Take it to the lines! Then we'll see who is sleepin..
  3. Nice post, i like to see unbias shit, that way it's just like goin benchin.
  4. Those black fr8 are rare..
  5. ETC Rocks the shit! Keep crushin! By the way.. nice toys.
  6. http://westcoastuhz.org New forum. Post anything.
  7. Glue kills shit. haha J-man and then some....haa
  8. Nice to see some west coast crushin
  9. ELK Phone Wyse Nice streak on the tanker! Props to those who make the coal cars shine!
  10. the whole car with lewis and worms made me feel all warm in the belly....That's Fuckin Teamwork(:
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