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Caution Tape

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  1. well put. People that are that large annoy me for the plain reason of that they obviously have no self control. If they did, they wouldn't be that fat. Although I don't really want to see anybody get hit by a cement truck. That's just bad.
  2. delete this please, somehow i double posted.
  3. survival life skill= respect folks don't be a hater, respect everyone. Nobody likes the hater.
  4. LENS, you be damn lucky to get off with that. You could have been in jail fo sho.
  5. Caution Tape


    What? Airbrushes need compressors and other stuff fool. If you know a wall with an electrical outlet stuck in it, then its all yours, but i'll stick to cans and markers.
  6. If you don't have your wallet, I think the cops will just take you to the station and sit you down until you tell them what they want to know. As for lying about age, try to go younger, specifically go under 18 if you can pass for it. You might be able to get away with a warning or something because you are a "minor."
  7. check this out, some guy had a copy of photoshop and a lot of time http://www.karelia.com/mentos/jesus.jpg'>
  8. ahhh. I see that you found the matrix pong video. Crazy shit, a guy at my school showed that too me a while ago.
  9. On Her Majesties Secret Service Octopussy The Last Samurai (got a free early press pass, go see this when it comes out)
  10. Talib Kweli Mos Def Black Star NaS The Police
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