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  1. blackbooks are always going to be fresh tymes book dunce's book i have a few more, just have to dig around. i also have a book thats been passed around for a year or so even made its way to cali. 10 pages left to rock when i finish it ill select some joints to post.
  2. rip............... one love, graffnuts
  3. its dope to see fba still knocking out styles and leaving that fba flavor unmatched. i got to see them rock a few years back in binghampton, very fresh!
  4. haha i like this. Quoted post [/b] thats funny, they came down to boston and did the same wall just layed out differrent. i thought we were special-lol. is that beef current or is that old shit.
  5. rest in peace............kings are'nt forgotten!
  6. i was asked after teaze's wake if i felt boston graff would be different this summer my reply, time will tell. teaze set a standard for recieving the title of city king. he killed shit. he always told me his style was to hit here and there in cut spots and eventually youll fill shit up and people will notice. he never cared about those quick fame spots even though he has a few running till date. i learned alot of him. been through many of missions and talked our way out of alot potential rides to booking..........theres stories behind every one of our capades. theres always been that dark cloud over the boston race issue when graff comes to play. teaze broke those boundaries with a passion to get up. i was told his goal was to shine on the handball court, this summer was his time. when i told him i wanted him on this production his face will be something ill never forget. we had the pleasure to involve teaze in our in da cut project, if you never read his piece your missing out. he was involved in issue 2 never released but he was the only other writer that seen it besides me and dayz. till date he swears me and him had something to do with the red sox winning, red sox nation forever. from his raspy voice to his pimp limp walk i have too many memories to forget you. i knew you impacted alot when i seen alot cats faces you never felt paying you respect. you put in your work now its time for us still breathing to hold you down."i can feel it in the air" hope you enjoy it, track 7 is pretty hot too. drop a sign from time to time and let us know how much damage you costing up there. rest in peace jeff odesy1.........................
  7. looks like fun. i went the last 2 years. who went over our shit from last year. the biggest joint-with the tornado and the flying hooker, lol. i would like to see if that wall was done as a whole this year.
  8. when can the city of champs bless this book? odesyone, boston ma.
  9. i guess i side with the majority, i beat the book from a local store and after skimming through it im glad i didnt buy it. in my opinion its not completly wack they do have some shit, but it seems its stuff ive seen already, for the size of it it should have more writers than it does.
  10. big up's to MTR crew. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00427899f00000001.jpg'> prisco and me puertorockin shit in boston, ma odesy1 graffnuts crew
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