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  1. lmao. it's because of idiots like you people dont bother to reply to other peoples questoins. You fucking idiot, if thats what you ment why didn't you put that in your question..
  2. depends on if you want it to look good or not.
  3. I live in LA. I'll put em on some MTA buses. Send away boy. send away. and this thread is stupid.. it was a good idea till everyone filled it with bullshit.. we need to get a mod to make these threads so they can delete the bs post.
  4. I'm running up to the library right now.
  5. There, happy now fags? Now enjoy yourselves.
  6. Re: Re: How to get free stickers. Ok.. but I just registered yesterday. You sound really smart.
  7. they'll never make you pay for usps stickers.. and lmao @ Coffie... share the stickers bro!
  8. lmao.. you people and your egos... ok, its fine if you've already heard about this, but there are plently of others who haven't, so I dont nee dyour negative comments.
  9. woah. Look at mr legal :p! I think i have more things to worry about then being raided by the police for stickers :D, when i go to the post office and they ask why i need all those stickers I just say..since im black, and everyone believes in sterio-types now a days "I'm making a rap album" and they just let it slide, dont figure how this would be any differnt.
  10. lmao.. woah, I was just trying to help. Didn't know everyone would flip out :p. I ordered some from usps and i havent recieved it yet, its been a week.. but the airborne ones came right away. and to the logged out guy.. just try logging back in :p!
  11. I can hook you up with yourname.rootthief.com You can host all your images and stuff there and its up 24/7 with no ads or shit like that.. all you need to know is how to use ftp, and thats it. aight peace.
  12. Bah, since all of you kept bitching.. the rest of you will have to find out your own way. peace.
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