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  1. In a way i am happy i read that, although i didnt go to the links, because i realize how petty my problems are compared to those people. And if a broad tried to put my junk in that thing id beat her in the face with a frying pan. im a relatively nonviolent fellow but that is crossing the line.
  2. I like the real vinny paz, the boxer, more then the rap one. HOLLERzZZZZzzzZzomg lol hardy har oh glory well i'''ll leave you kids alone then.
  3. ASN

    Got a Pet?

    i have a baby iguana named gatsby. i am in the process of making him shit in the corner everyday so i can let him roam free in my room. other than that a cocker spaniel and a cat.
  4. I found this post funny. Basically, by judging the girl by her apperance to what type of person she is you proved her point. And keep in mind you said "who actually spends time to go thru peoples journals", yet you go through some girls journal who you dont like? ***edited so my gramatical errors arent sarahyoulose's mad ill come back in my FACE!!
  5. ASN


    i just typed in something about my crazy russian neighhbor and that i killed a hooker and hid the remains.:dazed:
  6. My dads always smoked a pipe and the house always smellsreally good. get some "cavendish" blend and dont forget a good flter pack.
  7. you look like mr bean. is that picture of mr bean? do you make funny faces at people and have the original of 'whistlers mother' in your room?
  8. Guccicondom- its not about tracing a computer, all the police have to do is click the search function and get a picture of the person who posted them. its not paranoia talk its just plain retarded to post what you write and then a picture of yourself. have some common sense people. if you do get up it is very, very stupid to do it if youve given personal info/pictures of yourself online. a certain la writer ive heard of got 3 years for graffiti. dont think they dont check on here, dont think they wont bag you because they have better shit to do.... almost every large city has a vandal squad. like i said if you dont paint or just catch tags on mail boxes its cool, but if your going out on nightly missions it might not be the best idea. my opinion.
  9. I am convinced channel zero is a elaborate scheme some balding vandal squad officer concocted because his wife left him for the pool boy and he has nothing else to do. seriously guys, you post pictures of yourself, your rooms, personal details about your life.....why dont you just post up some written confessions? unless of course you guys dont paint. which is cool.
  10. LOL im down for the anti nambla task force!!! ill bring the hand grenades!! seriously i wonder if someone started leaving pipe bombs at nambla get togethers would the police go after it as much as a murder? also, PEOPLE, we must lead the right wing bible nuts who are currently against abortion to a more productive cause. killing nambla. seriously these guys could unite the world because everyone hates them. jews standing next to palestinians, iraqis and americans, fidel castro and gerald ford(they are arch enemys if you didnt know)...killing nambla people, but none the less. hahaha. ok maybe too much beer tonight. sorry.
  11. Ok, I saw one of the lego box trucks the other day. They are suprisingly tiny. Ive seen gocarts bigger than it. And i have to say that any big corporation that exploits graffiti in a way to line their own pockets disgusts me. Wouldnt using vandalism, which is a criminal act, be detremental to the sales of this car? or are they just targeting the trendy, white, trust fund college group stupid enough to waste their money on it? This car should be sold at toys r us anyway, i think i used to have a hot wheels when i was little that was bigger (and faster) then this thing. and i would hate to be driving on the highway in that thing being tailgated by a 18 wheeler.
  12. ok and i dont know for sure if the vatican is in greece, please correct me if im wrong.
  13. Vatican's Muslim marriage warning (Filed: 15/05/2004) The Vatican warned Roman Catholic women yesterday to think hard before marrying a Muslim, while urging Muslims to show more respect for human rights, gender equality and democracy. Calling women "the least protected member of the Muslim family", it spoke of the "bitter experience" western Catholics had with Muslim husbands, especially if they married outside the Islamic world and later moved to the man's country of origin. The comments in a document about migrants were preceded by remarks about points of agreement between Christians and Muslims but they seemed likely to fuel mistrust between the world's two largest religions. The document said the Church discouraged marriages between believers in traditionally Catholic countries and non-Christian migrants. "Bitter experience teaches us that a particularly careful and in-depth preparation is called for." It said one possible problem was with Muslim in-laws and advised future mothers that they must insist that children born of a mixed marriage be baptized and brought up as Catholics. Link http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml.../ixnewstop.html now the fact most of the priests are on young boys like flies on shit, and the church is openly biased for women to become priests, or have any major part of the church(they dont have penises so are less apt to go raping children, FYI), this just takes the cake. the pope is a mumbling old man with dementia who needs assistance to take a shit. Let people worship and live their lives in theyre own way. The entire idea of a church hierarchy is an outdated concept. the lesson of the day- stay away from those nasty muslims. cause jesus says so nigga.
  14. ONE LAST THING....You dont have to get rid of the dog if your willing to give it the time and attention it needs. If you really cant train it go enroll in some obedience classes and make sure you go with the dog so hes used to you giving commands.
  15. Ok im probably gonne come off like a dickhead but i get worked up when people mistreat animals. and i am probably just repeating shit people have already said but i didnt read all of the posts. First of all you cant punish a dog for eating meat that YOU left out where he can get at it, espically if it was there for a few hours. it shows restraint on the dogs part that he didnt immediately rip the bags apart and get at the meat. ALL DOGS LIKE MEAT its not a blood addiction. you cant tape a dogs mouth shut all that will do is piss the dog off it wont teach him a lesson except for people are a enemy(in his point of view). if you dont have time to housebreak a dog and leave him cooped up for long amoutns of time maybe you should consider getting a hamster.
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