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  1. bump for that raws, any more of his stuff?
  2. that wall is in sheffield, uk where are the other walls? i think them flicks are different writers?
  3. another thread down the drain. how many's left now?
  4. and the first 2 are the worse things ive ever seen in my life.
  5. loving the cost stuff! respect
  6. yeh it is a pulse, and its just outside nottingham station!
  7. fresh panel loco, love that guys stuff. post more!
  8. irelands got a good scene man, never knew it had 1!
  9. any one got the details for coverage?, phone number etc peace
  10. i wouldent say it is "crap" but i dont think it is as good as his old stuff..
  11. went up to notts the other day.. caught a few flicks.. some good t-side's been painted.... peace sorry if they have been posted before:)
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