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  1. Yeah, yeah at least they have something to er er er.. shut up Jo-King = TM fluff boy. How many inches of tm cock can you swallow in 3 months??? Shit hangs...right
  2. Thats a page by d-bug, not a pole thing.
  3. my point was that the DPM, TM and NT visits to that slammer were all seperate. Nice of you to join oker and del by smaking tags up over people on that train though mr jo King.... i remember now fatcap black..... New tm tea boy i guess... :freak:
  4. come on ladies save the bitchfights for the bickering thread..... on with the posts...;)
  5. It's Zino, from the Dpm stables...:D
  6. Thats a beautiful wall, mad fresh, rest in peace all...
  7. :mad2: What menah the boy with absoultley no tact, lets go to the same plot everyday after school, and absolutley kill it with halfhearted scratch infil, floaters with the "e" and "a" expressed as a square. Damn i wish i had half the skills that the young 'uns today have today, it's so good to know that you only have the priveledge to step to the yard once you've gained the talent, and learned the craft. I think if were really honest, we'd all like to retire and let menah represent on the BR's for London, fuck style!! more more more! Please carry on destroying all the plots..... Please carry on burning the line.... Your an absolute King of the ghetto...:king: In case this is too indirect.. (Menah please migrate to Alaska cos your absolutley gash) xxx
  8. http://groups.msn.com/SouthLondonLoonies
  9. Anyone got that big chrome thing at new cross?
  10. pienmash


    Without hatin, there's no backgrounds, there all about two years old, the panels are tiny, no daytimes, same old outline, only thing i'd really give him is the infils. there, bump apart from that!:rolleyes:
  11. le chat Le chat is the fuckin don gangtar muzza fukka.. le chat that shit!:clown2: :krunk:
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