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  1. sounds like your a lightwieght... i can drink, dance, bomb. fuck, anything after im drunk!
  2. great so its gonna be a bunch of NYC legal walls... GREAT..never get enough of that crap
  3. it look like your benching in snow or rain! you are a crazywhiteboy..much love
  4. <--------- i smoke crack and beat off!
  5. uh that koer sucks, and damn that japan is old!!!!!!
  6. thats true.. what you need to do it buff there tags on the shit in your yard, they take out all there pieces.. then stomp them out.. they wont be coming back
  7. hhahaha thats all you do! all the sudden your old SN comes out the closet when you get your card pulled!:lol:
  8. uh huh..sure buddy.. and your pal dreos inst "ihumpboys"
  9. yeah too bad it wasnt a sick as the TBK by crook, good way to rep your crew BEEOCH! that shit was siiiick!:lol: :lol:
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